Trust Funds 

If you have a family member with Special Needs, over the age of 18, then it is important to provide for them with a Trust Fund.

A trust fund sets aside money from your estate for the benefit of your child or family member (the beneficiary), but the assets are controlled by someone else (the Trustee/s or a Trust Company) on their behalf.

Trustees must always act in the direct interests of the beneficiaries and to ensure this is done legally a Trust Deed is drawn up to ensure that the purposes of the Trust are followed.

At your home visit, Barry Wright will be able to explain what these are, and help you manage your affairs so that your loved ones are provided for adequately by setting up a Trust Fund or with a Lasting Power of Atftorney.

Barry will help you with making what is neceesary and  or completing the process to make the Trust Fund or Lasting Power of Attorney as simple and affordable as it can be.

So, if you need to talk about Trusts and LPAs, contact us here to call Barry Wright.