Karla from Eastbourne - my Will

After 10 years of writing my will and circumstance in my life had changed i needed to review my will . So in 2019 I contacted First Choice Heritage to update my will but wanted to make sure that my kids would be looked after when I passed. Having a disabled Adult i knew i needed a trust but was not sure how this works and also to make sure my daughter was looked after. Not really understanding anything about this I needed someone to talk in a language that i would understand . First Choice Heritage was able to provide this service which was free and no pressure to me, no question unanswered and was done in my home.

Karla from Eastbourne - my LPA

I have a son with Downs Syndrome and medical needs and I got my LPA in 2017 for my son. How did this help us ? This meant that i could attend hospital appointments as well as GP and help explain his illness and ask questions, help filling out PiPS forms and benefits for him as well as attending the bank. Although my son has capacity he finds in hard to express himself in front of professionals so I can express his wishes to Social services and they will listen - this takes the stress away from my son . I have found this invaluable and it has helped us to have his wishes heard on many occasions.

Tom, Hastings

The worries I had about my tenancy are now solved thanks to my visit to Barry.

Sam, Eastbourne

As an Executor I found Barry and his sound knowledge to be invaluable.