Frequently asked questions

If you do not make a Will your property and money may not go to those people or good causes you prefer, and you may pay more tax than you need to.
As a specialist advisor a Will Writer is qualified to help you write your Will - and can come to your home to help you. A Will Writer generally works for themselves and does not have to pass on the charges of a law firm. So you get a reasonably priced service at a time that is convenient to you.
You can keep your Will safely at home, or your Will Writer can store it securely for you. You can leave a note for your family and your Will will only be released to an authorised person.
Speak to your Advisor about setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure that you can continue to care for their health and welfare and financial decisions for adults who cannot decide for themselves.
Our charges are £xxx for one Will or for mirror Wills this can be reduced.
If you have dependants with special needs or relatives that are elderly or infirm (or you are) perhaps facing the prospect of being unable to manage your own affairs, appointing someone you trust to be your Attorney will ensure that your property and assets are dealt with in the way you want.
An Attorney is appointed according to your wishes and has to account for the way they spend your money.
Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan means that your funeral is paid for well before it is needed and that more of your estate can go to benefit those left behind. It also freezes the cost of your funeral and ensures that you are able to decide every detail of your funeral, if you so wish.
Applying for Probate is required if an estate is sufficiently large to ease the process of registering your Will and dealing with all the legal, financial, tax and estate administration matters of winding up your estate. Banks etc will usually ask for probate when asked to release funds. Barrie Wright can help you decide if Probate is necessary for you and help you with the paperwork and sometimes strange (archaic) terms involved. Doing Probate yourself is possible, but it can be long and involved and drag on longer as a result before the estate can be divided up.
Joint ownership (joint tenancy) of a property can cause difficulties if a couple splits. Should someone pass on before the property is sold, the other partner could inherit it by default. A severance of joint tenancy is a simple process and your advisor can help you safeguard your portion of the property with some simple forms.
I can visit you in your home anywhere in the Sussex area but further afield if required.