Deputyship can be applied for by someone if a person has lost their mental capacity to make their own decisions while they are alive - often in the case of Dementia patients, but perhaps in the sad event of an accident or illness which has caused loss of capacity.  If a relative or friend of yours is trapped in this unfortunate situation, all is not lost; a Deputyship can be applied for after the event to give someone else the legal authority to look after their affairs. 

It is better (and less costly) for a person to appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney before the same is needed, but if they have not done this before the event, all is not lost. It is true that Deputyship is a rather longer procedure than setting up a LPA.  However if it is done, you will then be able to make certain decisions and control the affairs of your friend or relative just as you would have done with the LPA.  

A Deputy is usually a friend, or relative, over the age of 18 and they must be prepared to take on an important and confidential appointment.  A Deputy can be a single person, or two or more Deputies.  If you are not sure how to carry out the responsibilities as a sole Deputy, the Court of Protection will be able to help you.  It can involve a considerable amount of administration skills and for this reason, if you have agreed to a Deputyship, you may need to consider very carefully about what will be involved and if necessary ask for more information, before you commit yourself.  However, if a you can apply Deputyship it will save the affected person a great deal of money.

If a directly involved relative or friend is not able or willing to take up a Deputyship, the office could go to a doctor or solicitor, or even an accountant - someone appointed by the Court.  However, having a professional do this task will be considerably more costly as they will charge anl hourly rate for their time for the service.

Applying for Deputyship

If you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney then First Choice Heritage are here to help you through the Deputyship process that will enable you to carry out the ongoing duties and responsibilities that will be required of you now and in the future. 

First Choice Heritage - your first choice for Deputyship applications.  Please contact us for an informal, but confidential discussion.