About Us

As so many clients have found - just a little forethought and preparation in advance for difficult times make those crisis moments so much easier to bear.

As a professional estate planning advisor, Barry Wright has lived in Eastbourne, East Sussex with his family for 41 years.

If you would like to discuss how to future proof your home and property, please call 01323 658192.

Barry has been a professional estate planning advisor for 10 years.

Barry’s time and advice for clients on putting their affairs and wishes in order and protecting their estate, is free - separating clients from all the time costs incurred by legal firms.

Barry is a professional Estate Planner, Will Writer and Advisor on Trusts, Funeral Plans, Lasting power of Attorneys, Severence of Tenancies for clients mainly in Sussex and the South East of England. 

Particularly for those clients who are over 50, or have children with special needs, Barry’s advice has saved them much money and heartache.

Barry also offers third party advice on Mortgage and Equity Release, Health and Life Insurance planning.

Family values are very important for Barry and when he can get away from work there is nothing better than a good old family holiday now and then.  In his spare time he loves to go walking in the countryside around Sussex, reading and whiling away a social evening with a spot of snooker - or darts!

Do talk to us if you are suffering - Celebrant and Bereavement Counselling Services are available on request.

Barry Wright’s ICO number is ZA625575